We’re Your Electronics Engineering Dream Team!

Ubiquitus Solutions helps you build cutting-edge electronics based products to bring your core product offerings into the modern age and sell successfully in markets around the globe. We specialise in the commercialisation of technology and want to work with you whether you’re looking for help putting a functional prototype in front of potential investors, or looking for an appropriately certified and polished design ready for mass manufacture.

We cater our services to meet your needs and work with clients ranging from university research teams looking to productise their research, early stage startup founders who have raised seed funding and need expert help to improve their next hardware prototype, or companies who are looking to take advantage of new technologies to capture new markets.

Our Services

Electronics Design

We use the latest CAD software for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacture

Firmware and Embedded Programming

In between hardware and software, we develop firmware for a number of microprocessor architectures

Secure Cryptography Implementation

Often neglected, we understand the technology behind real security and work to ensure your products are not easily compromised

Electronic Testing and Validation

We ensure our designs meet international standards and regulations, allowing your products be be sold anywhere in the world

Prototype and Mass Production

We take designs from paper to the hands of users all around the world

App Development

We develop web or mobile based application interfaces for smart devices